Building the best live video chat platform

Our mission is to build the best live video chat platform and facilitate meaningful connections across cultures, languages and borders in a respectful, fun and safe way.

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Safety is our priority

We recognize that in order for you to have meaningful interactions with new people, you need to feel safe – and this is our priority. Visit our Safety Center for useful information on our safety tools and tips.


A human centric approach

You are at the center of everything we do. GoMeet.Today is a platform for everyone to connect anywhere. By using Gomeet, you will be able to connect with anyone you are interested in despite the distance and languages.

Gomeet.Today's web design element in blue gradient.
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Bringing positivity one connection at a time

Loneliness is a serious challenge! We strongly believe that building the tools to help people connect instantly and safely over live video chat can play a role in addressing this important issue. So why not make a little difference and take a small amount of time every day to check in with some new or existing friends on GoMeet.today.